Fixed Prices*

$550 plus GST – New Lease (Non Retail)
$695 plus GST – Lease (Retail)
$475 plus GST – Renewal (Non Retail)
$575 plus GST – Renewal (Retail)
$595 plus GST – Variation
$450 plus GST – Assignment
$395 plus GST – Surrender
$375 plus GST – Notice of default
                            (S.146 Notice)

4 Lease – 4 reasons why you should use Commercial Property Leases

Cost: Why pay thousands of dollars for the preparation of a legal document? We offer fixed price leasing so it won’t cost a 4tune!

Efficiency: Why risk losing a commercial tenant because your solicitor takes such a long time to prepare the lease? We will endeavour to provide draft documents within 48 hours of receiving required information, and original leases within 24 hours of payment and your approval!

Legally Binding: Lawyers don’t have experience selling properties or advertising for tenants, and real estate agents are not legally qualified to prepare legally binding documents! Why not 4get about the worry of preparing the legal documents required, and leave it to our legal team!

Easy to Use: Landlords, Agents or even solicitors can provide instructions 4 any lease matter using our simple application form. No need to leave your desk or business! No cost for any reasonable communication with our team of lawyers during business hours, or email us 24/7 on any current file!

Fixed Prices for New Lease or Renewal include:

– LIV Lease: maximum 2 sets of amendments
– Disclosure statement (for Retail Lease)
– Information brochure (for Retail Lease)
– all communication with instructing party

*Please note:

– Payment of Fixed Price to be made by direct debit or credit card prior to release of original documents.

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– If first year annual rent exceeds $100,000, the Fixed Prices will increase by $250 plus GST.

– If first year annual rent exceeds $200,000, a firm fixed quote will be supplied before any work commences.

– In most cases the above amounts are fixed and all-inclusive with no more to pay. Only if parties (either landlord or tenant) request numerous amendments, or various searches are required, will additional costs be incurred.